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Missouri Fuels for Schools Project Statement

I.                    Description

The primary purpose of this project is to maintain jobs, reinstate jobs, or stimulate the creation of jobs through the State Foresters or equivalent State officials, by conducting/promoting wood to energy (biomass) activities to achieve healthy sustainable forests.

Funding provided through the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) will focus on addressing the following.

·         Providing technology to help rural public schools use woody biomass from public and private forest lands to heat and/or cool their facilities.

·         Creation or retention of jobs through the development of wood-to-energy facilities via construction, operating and maintenance of the heating and/or cooling systems, and harvesting wood biomass

·         Show that when properly conducted, woody biomass harvesting will result in reduced fuel loading and healthy natural forest communities.

II.                  Goals

·         Establish  at least six (6) Fuels for Schools projects throughout southern Missouri in public school districts where the forest products industry has a major economic influence.

·         Create or retain thirty (30) jobs by providing woody biomass to schools, and through constructing, operating, and maintaining the heating and/or cooling system

·         Provide a new market for small diameter trees created by thinning forest stands; this will provide woody biomass for the Fuels for Schools projects and will reduce fuel loading while enhancing/restoring healthy natural forest communities.

III.                Expected Results and Benefits

·         Significant energy savings annually for public school districts that install the Fuels for Schools energy systems.

·         Markets established for small diameter trees will provide a source of biomass for the schools energy systems.  These markets will provide a tool to reduce fuel loading , greenhouse gas emissions, and restore natural forest communities on both public and private forest lands.

·         Job creation and retention will result from the establishment of the Fuels for Schools projects.

·         The six projects will serve as examples to other businesses, public buildings, and schools throughout Missouri that are interested in energy savings through the use of biomass energy systems.


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