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The Missouri Fuels for Schools program is one of several across the United States where using woody biomass material to produce energy is becoming more than a study. The practice is becoming a reality to produce energy for heating, cooling, and other needs in the facility. 

The experience will, without doubt, offer data for other facilities, both public and business.  In areas where woody biomass material is abundant it can become a useful product instead of a waste.  According to Forestry News, the timber industry is very interested in the potential for material that has been difficult to manage.

We will provide you with data from the Missouri Fuels for Schools Project at our Blog.. Additionally, we will keep you updated  and current about the entire biomass scene. We're excited about the future of using a 'lost' product in a responsible manner at schools in Southern Missouri. We are equally excited to be lending our experience to others for their benefit.  We are seeing A New Day in the Energy Future of Missouri.